We love to hear from our clients!

“Hakimi Gem Imports literally found me the watch that NO ONE could find. Not only did they find my dream watch, they found it quickly, they were friendly, and helpful! I would highly recommend Hakimi!”

– Jeff R.

"I recently bought both my engagement ring and our wedding rings from David Hakimi. It was a really easy and great experience. when shopping for the initial stone, David had a selection of exactly what I asked to see and offered very reasonable prices. They were able to customize the setting exactly to my specifications and sent a draft design for my approval before they made the ring. We also bought the wedding bands from David and they turned out great. They were exactly what we asked for and they were ready quickly, in about a week."

– David D.

"I started my search for an engagement ring at a few different stores before ending up at Hakimi Gem Imports and couldn't of been happier with the outcome. The service from the minute I contacted them to actually picking up the ring has been outstanding. They took the time to sit and explain the differences in each stone and setting that we looked at and also did not try to exceed the budget that I had set. There was no feeling of being rushed as we looked at and tried on almost every setting in the store. The finished product was excellent and was custom made in no time. I know for sure this will not be the last time that we visit Hakimi Gem Imports!!"

– Matt B.

"I LOVE Hakimi Gem Imports.

My fiance purchased my ring at Hakimi Gem Imports, and we could not be more pleased with the attentive service and exquisite quality we got from HGI.

My ring was custom made with the help of the jewelers at HGI, and it's exactly what I wanted. The staff is very attentive, professional, trustworthy and experienced. Most of all, they love what they do!"

– Jayne C.

"I can't say enough great things about this place. I went to David at Hakimi Gem Imports for an engagement ring. He was with me every step of the way, and couldn't have made the process any easier. In the end, I received an amazing ring for an amazing price (and she loved it, too!). We will definitely be going back for our wedding bands."

– Peter R.

"If you're in the market for an engagement ring, look no further than David Hakimi! David’s service and commitment to finding the perfect stone is truly incredible. This summer he helped my fiancé select my engagement ring. David immediately understood the vision and consulted with my fiancé on every detail to ensure the end result was perfect.

Thanks to David's expert guidance, he helped my fiancé select the most outstanding diamond, and the perfect setting.

As crazy as it sounds, this was 4 months ago now and I swear, not a day has gone by without someone complimenting this gorgeous diamond. It’s the right mix between stunning, sparkly and timeless - I am SO thankful for David and strongly recommend working with him!!"

– Rachel M.

"I started my search by calling my closest family friends (Wholesalers) and asking them for pricing guidance and advice. I was presented numerous options from numerous jewelers. After looking at +/- 20 stones, I decided I'd call Hakimi Gem Imports (I had a friend that purchased from them and was extremely happy with the ring.)

They seemed like a long shot to compete with the other jewelers based on the fact that the others were family friends,however David came out with a no bullshit aggressive offer from the very beginning.

David was extremely accommodating and offered to meet with me at 7:30am (a few hours before the office opened!). It was obvious the stone was beautiful and the price was better than the alternatives.

I decided to proceed with David and Hakimi Gem Imports. If you are looking to purchase an engagement ring or other jewelry, I highly recommend calling this company. Their margins are so small it's hard to believe they can stay in business.

I would also like to mention that I am incredibly difficult to please and a nightmare to deal with, so hats off to the guys at Hakimi Gem Imports for bearing with me and providing such excellent service. They treated me like family and offered their insight and advice.

This won't be the last purchase I make from them!"

– Mike A.

"Working with David was truly a great experience! He was able to custom make exactly what my wife was looking for with her engagement ring and both our wedding bands. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered every question we had! Even when my wife’s hand ended up being smaller than anyone expected, he was able to adjust it to fit perfectly!

We could not recommend them more!!"

– Michael B.

"My fiance and I could not be happier. David found us the perfect stone and worked closely with an associate to create a GORGEOUS custom band and setting. His quick response time and his detailed explanation of our various options made working with David smooth and easy. Highly recommended!"

– Carl J.

"I came into the process knowing NOTHING about diamonds - David was very patient with me, educating me on what I needed to know and showing me many different options over multiple visits to ensure that I found exactly what I wanted. In addition, he is very conscious of cost and does not push diamonds that are more expensive whose differences are undetectable. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

– Brad T.

"David made the intimidating and overwhelming process of picking out an engagement ring very simple and comfortable. I came to him with a picture of what I wanted and he picked a beautiful stone to build the perfect ring. David's knowledge and professionalism made for a wonderful experience. I would absolutely recommend talking to David about your future jewelry needs!"

– Harris M.

"David helped me picked out the perfect engagement ring for my (now wife). He was thorough, knowledgeable, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. David also helped us with our wedding bands, watches, and size adjustments. It's simple. He is my jeweler! THANKS!"

– Jeremy S.

“I went to Hakimi Gem Imports for my wives engagement ring and had a really great experience. They were able to build the ring we asked for exactly how we described it and got the job done quickly as well. We were very impressed.”

– Colin P.

“Very professional and knowledgeable about their products and the jewelry industry as a whole. Felt extremely comfortable making a selection for an engagement ring, and my wife couldn't have been more thrilled. Couldn't be more satisfied with the whole experience.”

– Sean G.

“Buying an engagement ring can be an overly stressful endeavor, especially if you are someone like myself with almost zero background knowledge in the field. The most I had to go on was a few stock photos from the internet and tips from my fiance's friends on what she liked best. Fortunately for me, David was able to easily process all this information and show me a variety of rings that fit the look I was going for and stay within the budget I had laid out; not to mention they came in well ahead of their designated lead time for the completed ring. Extremely satisfied with the entire process and would highly recommend them!”

– Paul B.

“David's knowledge and customer service are the best in industry. He answered all of my questions, and helped me find the perfect engagement ring. I will absolutely use him for my wedding bands. I highly recommend him!”

– Ryan F.

“David was by far the best jeweler I met with when engagement ring shopping. He was extremely relatable and gave me his honest opinion on everything. He was patient with me and very communicative until we found exactly what I was looking for. I'd absolutely recommend him to anyone looking around for an engagement ring or any other jewelry!”

– Josh M.